Welcome to Our Farm Miniatures!  We are a family run small breeding and show farm.  In 2007, we made the decision to change our breeding  program from pleasure Tennessee Walking horses and joined the Miniature Horse World!  Our Farm is located in south central Kentucky and is owned by Tom and Gina Hinebaugh, with the help of our children Rainy and A.J.  Contact us at ourfarm@duo-county.com

UPDATE! 4/22/17 I am dispersing our remaining horses-two stallions, two mares, and a yearling filly. All are triple registered ASPC/AMHR/AMHA. See the stallions, mares, and 2016 foals pages. I will also do package deals, the more you buy the better the deal! I did not add pictures of registration papers, but can email those if anyone would like to see them.  Motivated to sell, the prices do not reflect their quality, just my desire to disperse. Open to offers.

 PLEASE NOTE-the vast majority of pictures on this site are taken by us, at our farm. They are not photoshopped in any way, only cropped for size, and color adjusted if necessary to show the true color of the horse. What you see in the pictures is what will show up at your doorstep if you buy from us! 




About Our Farm! In 2007,  we changed our breeding program from Tennessee Walkers to Miniature Horses.  It was hard to let our Walkers go, but we felt our time, space, and interests are better suited by Miniature Horses. We have been very pleased with our Miniature horses, and only wish we had gotten Miniatures sooner!  For anyone not familiar with Miniature horses, we have found them to be generally easier going, friendlier, and less spooky than big horses.  They are just a real pleasure to be around.    


     We hope you enjoy your visit to the site, please come back often as I will be adding much more pictures and info as we add more miniatures to the herd!  

                                          Contact us at ourfarm@duo-county.com