Looney Tunes World of Mayhem game of multiplayer online


Looney Tunes World of mayhem has become quite popular among the players of the world because of its hilarious hijinks. There is a collection of Bugs Bunny, Sylvester Cat, Daffy Duck and the zany cast. Player of the game can enjoy this game by selecting the characters of his choice and can play this game with players of the world online. The game is also consists of multiplayer.

The game is packed with the four armies of toons with endless amount of battles to be fought. To have chests of the game these battles can be fought.

Classes of toons and themes

The toon characters of the game are divided into three main classes which are Attacker, Defender and Supporter. The game toons are also categories in different themes such as Forest, WB Studio, Town, Avalooney and so on. Player must check out the skills and relationship with the unlocked toon with other toons of the game.

Things to do by the player

  • Player of the game must do these things in the game to win the battles and root out the enemies of the game such as:
    • Player should collect favorite cartoon characters and level up with them.
    • Player should use gags of cartoons as special attacks.
    • Game player may fight in turn based combat strategy.
    • By sending cartoon characters on missions with companions player can gather game resources.
    • Player should team up with best characters of toons.
    • Player can ensure the chances of victory by selecting them strategically against his enemies of the game.
    • Player should use classic cartoon rivalries and try to get bonuses by defeating the iconic enemies of the game.
    • By creating own world, player can carry out the missions to power up his characters

World building game

The player of the game can unlock many iconic landscapes and can collect classic building from different famous cartoon locations. Player can also create his own world of cartoon characters. By assigning tasks player of the game can earn resources of the game.


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