The Simpsons Tapped: Attain numerous donuts


The Simpsons Tapped is a game that has an experience of building Springfield city. The game can be played on mobile and available on play store for Android and iOS users. The game is based on the series of The Simpsons. Here the player can maintain their town by including one of the favorite characters. In some cases your character met with an accident then it is your responsibility to clean the clutter up for maintains the Springfield. In the game, there are lots of funds you will earn, but due to the accident you will lose the currency then you can use The Simpsons Tapped Hack for gaining the funds’ unlimited amounts.


There are several kinds of currencies in the game. Through the currency, you can easily attain the goals. These are:

  • Cash: The cash is the primary currency of the game. There are some different ways to gain money:
  • Accomplishing the tasks
  • Winning
  • collection of rent from the buildings
  • Donuts: It is the premium currency in The Simpsons Tapped Out. These are very difficult to gain, and you have to win two donuts in each level. If you want more donuts, then you can use The Simpsons Tapped Hack.
  • Experience: It is the currency which is gain by completing the task like the construction of a building, unlocking the characters and many other tasks.
  • Tickets: The tickets are used in the journey of the game. If you have limited cash then, you can exchange the tickets. When you earn the currency, then it is easy to get the money for making the building.

So, these are some currencies which you have to attain by playing the game. In the game, there are two types of currencies; one is temporary, and another is permanent. The permanent money is more beneficial than others, so try to attain as much as you can.

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