Ways of gaining fast currency in pixel gun 3D game


One of the most important resource while playing the pixel gun 3D game is the coins. The more you achieve the objectives of the game the more coins you get. The coins gotten in the game enables you to buy and upgrade weapons to be used in the game. Therefore, you need to find ways of increasing these currencies fast so that playing this game can be easy for you.

Reach all the three stars

In every game level you pass, you will see your reward at the tail end of the level. The pixel game awards stars in each level completion. These stars are determined by the score you scored while playing the game. Therefore, in order to increase the amount of coins in your pixel gun 3d cheats, you need to reach all the three stars qualification. The award of all the three stars means that you will earn the maximum coins in that level. This will in turn increase the amount of currency you have in order to upgrade the weapons you need.

Play the survival mode

The survival mode is quite difficult than the others as you are the only on that is playing the game. With the level of increased difficulty comes with it the large amount of money awarded. You therefore ought to play the survival mode at your free time as far as possible, make sure you capture as many headshots as possible so as to make sure you have the maximum amount of money. You should play the level until you reach the amount, which you require, and then you can buy the gun you want.

Play deadly games

Once you have been accustomed to the gaming of the pixel gun 3D, you need to play the deadly games now. The reason for this is that those deadly games have high rewards if you complete. Therefore, in case you want a fast way of getting the money, deadly games is the way to go. However, make sure you win in those games so as to get the maximum amount of coins.